About Play Therapy


While adults may be comfortable talking about their concerns, children sometimes need a different way to express themselves. 

Play therapy is a developmentally appropriate way for children to explore what is going on for them, to work through feelings and find new ways of looking at things. 

During a session, children can choose to work in a number of different ways:

  • in the sand tray 

  • with clay or other art materials

  • through musical instruments

  • using puppets

  • creating and exploring stories

  • building

  • talking

My role is to create a safe space for these explorations and work with the child to allow them to explore what they need to. Sometimes, I will offer experiences and reflections intended to support them on their journey. Listening to what children have to say, through the language of play, can offer an experience of being heard and receiving attention which is therapeutic.





Play Therapy UK (PTUK) has a website which offers further information on the effectiveness of play therapy. Click on the image below.